Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pass them a Note

Days Left: 418 days as of today

I've been in Quarantine for the past 3 days due to cough, colds and back ache, so I decided to do some light DIY work for the wedding. Here it is:

(I used adobe photoshop)

(10 picture notes per table)

We will put this picture notes per table for our guests. So that they can give us their wishes and pieces of advice.

Steps to follow... soon... =)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Wedsite

Days Left: 422 days as of today

I forgot to blog about our wedsite. So here goes...

Finally after months of thinking what and how to write our love story, Charles & I decided to do it like an interview, question and answer portion.

1.When and where did you first meet?

Charles: First year highschool. Saint Claire School Masbate .

Carla: 1997, we were seatmates back then.

2.What is your First Impression?

Charles: Mataray pero parang may something nice naman inside.

Carla: Makulit, maingay. In short sakit sa ulo. (well this one is true, peace hon.)

3. First date?

Charles: group date... with her friends and their corresponding bf's watched a robin padilla and regine velasquez movie forgot the title since im too busy looking at carla kasi we're on separate seats, she sat at the front row.

Carla: 4th year highschool. More of a group date yun we watched “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” at Sm North. He’s sitting at the back row. =)

4.How many bf/gf did he/she have before you?

Charles: none? I'm so lucky to be "da pers!"

Carla: I think 4th niya ko? I’m not really sure. =)

5. What does your partner do that always makes you laugh?

Charles: whenever i try to slowly move my hand to her hand, touching her pinkie... tpos she wades my hand off, pushes me aside, tucks to the other side then says in a pa-demure effect "ano ba?..." tpos may kilig factor kunware while covering her smiling face.

Carla: When he really tries to make his knock knock jokes funny.

6.What qualities did you appreciate in him/her?

Charles: Can withstand my kakulitan, strong when I’m weak, remembers things that I usually forget, decides for me when I’m indecisive.

Carla: He’s always there by my side when I need him. (Driver, tagabuhat, tagalines, punching bag... joke) No seriously he’s just there through good times and bad times.

7.What’s the one thing you wouldn’t forget about him/her?

Charles: smile... dimples kasi weakness ko eh... tska how she brings herself with confidence... i llllooove it!!!

Carla: everytime I fake sleep in his car while he is driving he sings so hard as in feel na feel niya. Minsan hirap mag pigil ng tawa.

8. When did you know that he/she is “The One”?

Charles: The day she tied a necktie around my neck when we were still in high school.

Carla: One day back in highschool when he escorted me and a friend to where we waited for our school bus, while I was sitting my friend (sitting in front of me) suddenly smiled. I asked her why, she drag me to the nearest restroom and told me what Charles did. He voicelessly said “I LOVE YOU” I felt butterfly in my stomach and i keep on jumping and wants to scream but I can’t because I know that he is just outside the restroom. I felt my face turned red.

9.What actions of your partner’s says “I love you” to you?

Charles: when she opens her arms and hugs me tight... when i leave for work, when i arrive from work, when i'm about to sleep, when i wake up, after a bath, while she cooks food, after she cooks food and when i feel sooo sooo down...

Carla: Everytime he holds my hand, squeeze it a bit and place it at his chest then kiss it.

10. The Proposal:

Charles: before eating dinner, right after taking pictures (cuz we like to take pictures of our dinner before eating) since i'm sitting on the floor, i stood to one knee as she approach me and said "Hon... i know this would not be perfect, since i still don't have the most important thing to do this... (the ring... haay...) but this is the perfect place and the perfect time to ask... Will You Marry Me?"then she replied "Syempre naman... " and she cried...ako d ako umiyak... hehehehe.

Carla: It’s our 9th year anniversary. A 4 day prep to book for a overnight stay at Discovery Suites. We went to Megamall to buy our dinner and decided to eat at the hotel na lang. So I prepared the food at our mini table and started taking pictures. I asked him to move for awhile coz I want to take pictures of our food. When I’m done I told him to wash our hands first before we eat. Then he proposed. I don’t remember what he said because I was crying already and so was he. All I remember was my answer to his question was “Syempre Naman”.


That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

So we changed our minds...

Days Left: 425 days as of today

So yes we changed our minds for the nth time... But this time it's final because we bought our DIY projects already at Divilandia. I'll just make the story short so here goes:

Theme: from Movie to School Themed Wedding
DIY: Notepads, Pencil, Monograms, Invites, Other Souvenirs

Why School Themed Wedding?

Just like our story in our wedsite ( Charles & I met during grade school and became close friends during high school. So we both think that it will be the most perfect theme for our wedding. Plus we got inspired with a few pictures of school themed weddings while searching at Google. Some pics:

(Got the pics from Google)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)