Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's talk hair

Days left: 260 days as of today

I think I want my hair half tied. I don't like my hair tied in a bun or in a ponytail. I want it just right. Neat, simple, elegant.

little curls will do, but i don't want that much volume in front.

this is nice. Its neat and simple.

nice and simple

I'm still thinking about the curls. I think I want bigger curls. I can still change my mind. :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Start here

Date: August 14, 2009 (Friday)
Days Left: 261 days as of today

Okay so I asked Charles to give me a budget for our big day. Here's what we have tackled.

Budget: won't tell
Guests: 220-250 (we both have a big family)
Motif: Blue and Yellow

I'm still thinking about the colors thou. I;m not much of a yellow fan.

Oh oh oh... Before I forget I found my gown. Well not actually my gown and it's not just one gown. I found bits and pieces that I like on 3 gowns...

Here it is... :)

the back of this one

the sleeves on this one &

the lower part on this one... :)

Well who knows I still might change my mind... :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's all about the shoes

Days left: 265 days as of today

i love the design

i love the color

i just love this

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Venues venues and more venues

Date: August 12, 2009 (Wednesday)
Days Left: 267 as of today

Another day for scouting. Kahit may trabaho kailangan maghanap pa din... Buti na lang may internet.. :)

Here's what I got today:

  • Kapitan Moy
This is in Marikina so it is a possible venue.

Bulwagan P15,000 (4 hrs) Galleria P6,000 (4 hrs)

Add P1000/Hr Add P1000/hr

With Sound System chairs & tables

350-400 pax

Patio (Plaza) P3,500 (4 hrs)

Shoots P3,500 (4 hrs)

Shoot P15,000 (4 hrs)
Lobby P2,000 (4 hrs)

  • Blue Leaf
Although it's a bit far, the place is surely nice. The only problem is i read in a forum that if there were 2 events in one night you can hear the noise on the other event. So NO.

Some of the Accredited Caterers
  • Albergus
  • Center table
  • Cibo
  • Hizon's
  • Josiah's
  • K by Kunana
Some of the Nearby Churches:
  • Christ the King
  • Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
  • Santuario de San Antonio Parish
Location: 100 Park Avenue, McKinley Hill Village, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
898- BLUE
  • Glass Garden

Some of the Accredited Caterers:
  • Bizu
  • Eloquente
  • Josiah's
  • Juan Carlo
  • K by Kunanan
Some of the Nearby churches:
  • Christ the King
  • Mary the Queen
  • Sanctuario de San Antonio

Location: 257 Evangelista St. Barangay Santolan, Pasig City
646 5323
  • The Oasis

Some of the Accredited Caterers:
  • Bizu
  • Juan Carlo
  • Josiah's
  • Hizons

Location: 169 Aurora Boulevard, San Juan , MM

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Let's see

Date: August 10, 2009 (Monday)
Days left: 276 as of today

Eventhough we haven't decided on the exact date and even if we haven't told our parents yet, we started planning already. Just a few drafts on what to look for or what theme and motif we want.

Thank GOD for forums. It made it easier to where to start planning. I read a 54 pages thread at femalenetwork for suppliers to scout for. Here's what I wrote down and researched:

  • Gracecraft's gifts and souvenirs
I found this cute tin canisters at their multiply site. For Php 65 each i think it's okay. But still need to look for some more and maybe a little less Php 50.

  • Treasured Trinkets
Another possible souvenir. I like this salt and pepper shakers. But it's a little bit pricey. It's Php 237 a pair.

  • Cosmo Print

Now on Promo rates:
3hrs unlimited – P8,ooo.oo
2hrs unlimited –
1hr unlimited – P5,ooo.oo (ideal for small parties)

Package Includes:
postcard size (4×6) lab quality prints
live view feature
fabric Backdrop
CD copy of all images taken
delivery and set-up (one hour before the event)
custom text or logo or theme on prints
use of props
online gallery of all photos taken at
on-site technician/s

  • Jumbo Kingdom

A floating restaurant at Manila. They offer per table set up which costs Php 9000/table. But a definitely a NO NO for me. a floating resto??? NO NO...

  • La Huerta Estate

San Isidro Pavillion

San Jose Pavillion

This one is surely out because it's too far for us. It's in antipolo. It looks nice though... :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Monday, January 11, 2010


All pictures, websites and links on this blog are not mine. Not for endorsements or anything. I have no intention of naming it my own. I just came across it while searching the net and simply fell in love.

When October Comes have nothing to do with the links that no longer works.

Thank you.

I am just a blogger.


Date: April 25, 2009 (Saturday)
Days Left: 278 as of today

We asked JM (our highschool classmate) for his photo and video package. His rates are good and we are considering him to be our supplier.

Here's the Inclusions:
  • 1 album laminated hardbound yearbook size
  • 200 pictures
  • 1 16x20 picture with frames
  • CD pictures and video
  • Prenup
  • 500 raw pictures in CD
Not bad huh?! :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Step by Step

Date: April 16, 2009 (Thursday)
Days Left: 287 as of today

Ayun so nag paka nerd na naman ako at sobrang walang magawa sa office kaya gumawa ako ng Excel for our budget plans. Okay naman yung ginawa ko ang feeling namin ni Charles sobrang makakatulong siya. Tsaka okay na rin na gumawa ako non habang hindi pa kami stressed out sa pag aayos ng wedding namin para walang makakalimutan and we would know our priorities.

That's it. Till Next Time.

Note to self: upload the excel

Happy Preps... :)