Thursday, April 7, 2011

HMUA - - - - Check

Days Left: 154 days as of today

Uber late post. I finally decided to get him as our HMUA. Me and my mom both love him. He's been our HMUA (our family and my relatives) for almost 12 years or more. This is a splurge for me because my budget for HMUA is 10k only for 3 and 1 flower girl. :) So I talked to H2b regarding this, and I've been thinking about this for 3 days and talked to my mom also and they said I should get him if I really want him to be my HMUA. :)

With a YES to H2b I texted him and confirmed my date and time and how many people. When everything is set here I am blogging about him.

Oh before I forgot here's the name of my HMUA....

No further blog... :) I ❤ Peps

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)