Friday, July 15, 2011

Lights & Sounds

Days Left: 56 days as of today

I texted Elmer if he is still available on our Date. After 20 hrs he replied and sadly he is not available anymore, I asked him if he can recommend someone like his other team but he did not reply anymore. So i decided to look for other suppliers. I looked for Sensitivity but I read that their at least 3x higher that Rejectcrew, then I saw Jamsy. The following day I texted them if they are still available on our Date. After a few hours he replied and said Yes. I asked how much. He said their lowest rate is 8k. Then after a few back and forth text messaging he called and asked regarding the venue and so on. So I just asked if we could meet up instead. Eventhough they are from Paranaque he agreed to meet us at SM North Edsa.

July 13
We met Sir Arnold regarding their Lights and Sounds. He brought some pictures of the events they covered. Mostly on Mandarin Hotel. I don't know anything about lights and sounds so he and Charles just talked about it. What lights to use and the machines they use for the sounds, etc. After a few more minutes we decided to come to one of their event to see the actual set up and sounds that they do for a wedding. We paid 1k just to close the date. And he will just text me or email me the events here in Quezon City.

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Entourage Measurement

Days Left: 59 days as of today

The first plan was, Charles will pick up Sondy (the mananahi) at Circle C and he will bring them at my house. I am willing to pay the 1,000 as long as my Ento is complete. But then we changed the plan the day itself when I found out that only 5 will be coming. So we immediately call everyone who will come to just go to Circle C instead and we will meet them there.

(MOH, after asking a ton of questions for her gown on her
Dec. wedding finally we can go on with her measurements, peace bru.)

(Carla, one of my Bridesmaid)

(Bri, one of our Secondary Sponsor)

(Makukulit na flower girls)

(Gaby, is so shy while taking her measurements)

(Isabella, a 7 yr old texting flower girl)

Missing Entos:
3 Bridesmaids, 2 Secondary Sponsor, & 1 Flowergirl

The fitting will be on Aug. 15. Excited to see the gowns... :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flowers - - - - - Check

Days Left: 63 days as of today

As per schedule Charles, Lara (our coordinator) & I went to dangwa to visit the Florist that lara recommended.

When we went to the shop the owner, Ate Lanie, showed us some pictures of the bouquets and set up in the church that they made. We started envisioning the flowers/bouquets for the ento since I don't know what I want yet for my bouquet. She showed me every flower that she is saying or suggesting. Beforehand I told Lara that I don't know anything about flowers that's why I asked her to accompany us with the florist for her help. So the two of them combined their powers with everything. They just show me pictures for me to see what is what. When we agreed with the flowers to be used for everyone including me and also for the church. Ate Lanie started computing. Lara immediately said "Ate major major discount ha, may isa pa akong kasal na dadalin sayo" we all laughed and she didn't hesitated with the discount. Thank you ate.

So here's our output:
Bride - handtied with Hydrengea blue & Green Carnations.
MOH - 2 stems White Calla Lillies
2 Mothers - Wrist with carnations and gerbera
7 Ninangs - Wrist with Gerbera white & Botton Mums
4 Bridesmaids - Pomander with White Botton Mums
3 Secondary Sponsors - Pomander with white Botton Mums
4 Flower Girls - White Botton Mums in Tin Cans

8 pcs - Tree with Pomander for the aisles
2 pcs - One sided for the aisles

Loose Petals
Throw Away Bouquet
Car Bouquet

We just need to ask the Church if what time they can set up and if they have swags available.
Thanks for all the freebies and the Major major discount.

Ate Lanie I will not forget the free bridal bouquet for Lara for her wedding, 38 pcs handtied tulips for her bouquet. :)

Budget: Just right.
Comment: Lot's of freebies... :)

Jubilee's Flower Shop

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Days Left: 64 days as of today

For the past few days Charles and I have been very busy. Since he is in a call center industry and have a flexy sched. He would go to work at 3am and he would pick me up to work by 12nn eat our lunch and head off to wherever we need to go.

July 4
Went to Sulo Riviera to do some ocular. They have really nice lobby and rooms no grand staircase.
They only have 2 floors with 6 Suites & the rest are all Deluxe rooms.

Deluxe Room (Single or Twin Sharing) Php 6,754 nett.
It's a bit small for me but it will be good enough for Charles & his brother.

Jr. Suite Php 12,280 nett.
Great room, and color is our motif... :) Spacious enough for my family, photgraphers, videographers, HMUA and coordinator. I like this one.

Ambassador Suite ( 1 Bedroom or 2 Bedrooms) 1BR Php 14,736 nett, 2BR Php 19,648 nett
This is like a condo already. It is really really big. Plus they have a terrace that they can fix up for more picture moments. You can accommodate during your preps time up to I think 20 people there and still have room for your "kalats"

NOTE: As for their policy for photo shoots they have an additional fee of Php 3,000 on top of the room-rates. Meaning you can take pictures anywhere on the hotel as long as you want.
Rates are inclusive of Buffet Breakfast for 2.

After our rainy afternoon ocular at Sulo. We went to SM North and visited our coordinator since they have a Jewelry shop there. We just showed her some updates regarding the wedding. And scheduled a trip to Dangwa on July 7 (thursday).

July 5
Went to look for Charles' Parochial Church. At first we thought it was St. Peter, as told by her mom, When he went there last Sunday St. Peter said that it's Another Church. When he went to that church it was closed during Sundays and Mondays. So we went there tuesday. After almost an hour of waiting we found out that it's not that church also. Last Church that we went to is the one nearest to their house. Funny thing is Jeepney's, taxi's, motorcycles and more come and go to that Semi-village? when we stopped at the "guard house" and asked for directions and we where about to go he asked for 10 pesos because they have some roads to fix and everything. I don't want to argue anymore because we are really behind schedule and we wasted almost 2 hours of our time just to give Charles' Banns. Finally it's the right Church. He can get the Banns on the 19th for Php 100.

After that we went to Holy Spirit drive to deliver some invitations specially to one of our Ninangs. Then rain started pouring hard. We can't see anything anymore so we decided to stop at National Q. Ave first. Bought some Cartolina's for DIY and Sponsor's pen.

When the rain stopped we went to Yam Cha to make a reservation on Sunday July 10 for the very stressful and nerve racking "PAMAMANHIKAN".

Yes 2 months to go before the wedding and we will only do the Pamamanhikan. :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Entourage's Couturier - - - - Check

Days Left: 69 days as of today

Finally after months of searching. I found a gown maker for my girls. I went to Circle C (Congressional Ave.) to talk to a gown maker we saw there. Unfortunately it's not on the same spot anymore, so I thought maybe they just moved. When I was going down the escalator I found this tarp about a certain Gown Maker. So I waited for Charles downstairs. Then we went to the the Gown maker. I showed him/her the gowns for my girls. She gave me a reasonable price. When we went home I PM'd my girls regarding the rate and the gown that they will be wearing. When everyone answered "okay" and some of them are excited asking when will be the measurements. We went back to the designer and gave him the go signal. Now we will have the 1st measurement on July 9 at my house.

For a gown maker here in quezon city he have a fair price, so instead of going to divisoria for a gown maker I chose him because he's near our house so I can easily go at the shop and check for the gowns.

Another supplier down... :)

Budget: Long Gown Php 1,500 - 1,800
Flower Girls Php 850
Comment: He's not that enthusiastic but he will lay you every swatches option you can use.

I Jacinto Gowns & Barong Shop
2nd Floor Section 8 (Near bingo)
Circl C mall congressional Ave. QC
0930-9471181 Look for Sondy

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

CENOMAR & Birth Certificate - - - - Check

Days Left: 69 days as of today

These documents are hassle free. I just asked Charles to call NSO and gave some info then we paid at Metrobank. That's it. The Birth Certificate came first after 2 working days. Then the following day the CENOMAR arrived. :) Very Hassle Free.

(Our Birth Certificate & CENOMAR)

(Good to go)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)