Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Date: Sept. 26, 2009 (Thursday)
Days Left: 290 as of today

We had an ocular on one of the condo's rising here in Quezon City. Syempre yung mga room na ipapakita nila sayo tuwing ocular yung magaganda. Fully furnished and may interior design na. Kaya ikaw naman gaganahan ka. But I just discovered that to be able to get that condo we need to have a monthly salary of at least Php 40,000 each. I got disappointed of course. The condo is nice, good location and cheap. But we can't afford it. So we better look for another one that we can afford.

What's cheaper?
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • House
That's it. Till Next Time


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Start From The Very Beginning

Day 1

I got inspired with the Julie/Julia movie so I made this blog/planner for our wedding. Well I don't exactly have 365 days left because I just started blogging. But I made this blog I think November. If my math is right I guess I have 291 days and 20 suppliers left before the BIG DAY. (can someone help with the countdown application that I can put on my sidebar? thank you) I better start.



Believe it or not we were having our coffee date when we started talking about who to get as our ninong, ninang and abay for our wedding. Then I list the names on a tissue.(if i found the tissue I'll post it here I promise) Sweet idea huh... :) That's how we started. No proposals. no questions, no arte. Just one topic and that's it. We started planning.

Here's our draft list:

Best Man: Carlos
Maid of Honor: Cjae

Principal Sponsors:
  • Uncle Ces & Tita Bett
  • Uncle Nato & Tita Dolor
  • Uncle Oyoy & Tita Bubot
  • Tito Jet & Tita Precy
  • Tito Juancho & Tita Terry
  • Tito Lee & Tita Pong
  • Tito Kodjik & Tita Jane

Groomsmen and Bridesmaid:
  • Christian & Ate Aih
  • Koyang & Aissa
  • EJ & Andre
  • Dom & Issah
  • Clive & Sabrina

Secondary Sponsors:
Candle: Bek & Carla
Veil: Joshua & Ainna
Cord: Kevin & Meryl

Ring Bearer: Joaquin
Coin Bearer: Rance
Bible Bearer: Chino

Flower Girls: Tiffany

There. I'm so sure a lot will still change on this list.

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)