Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glad he's up and about

Days Left: 193 days as of today

For the weekend Charles and I planned a trip to go to Baguio. Our first stop was supposed to be Tarlac on friday night. Then Dagupan on Saturday morning to attend a Christening, on Saturday afternoon we will be heading Baguio until Tuesday morning. But our trip was shortened due to an unfortunate event that happened to Charles.

The night we arrived at Tarlac, Charles' tita treated us for dinner at Max's. We were about to sleep at around 12mn. Charles felt pain in his lower back. His been irritable since then. I was sleeping already when I heard someone vomiting. When I look at my side Charles' not there.
I asked him what happened. He said his stomach really hurts and he's been vomiting 3 times already. He was like that for about 5 hours. Around 5:30 we took him to the hospital already cause he can't take the pain anymore.

At the ER they gave him some meds to stop him from vomiting and to ease the pain but nothing happened. So we had no choice but to admit him.

(poor hon)

(time to admit him)

(time for some rest we had a long day)

(glad he's okay now)

Diagnosis: Acute Gastritis
Sorry hon no fatty and spicy foods for you. Thank God his Ultrasound is okay no gallstones. His CBC is okay too just slightly high WBC because of vomiting. Other than that everything is Normal.

"Through Sickness and in Health"

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Late Valentines Date

Days Left: 200 days as of today

It was just yesterday that Charles and I celebrated Valentines. He planned everything, I don't have any clue where we are going or what we are going to do for the night.

First of Cerchio, he made reservations by 7pm but I took so long to get ready so he called again to move the reservation by 8pm.

Chicken Penne with Pesto Cream
Peri-peri Chicken
Thai Sinuglaw
Cool as Cucumber

The place is okay. But the food is absolutely good. :)

Second: Jack's Loft Il Terrazo. Just for dessert and coffee.

Cafe White Mocha
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

I love love love my Cafe white mocha but the cake not so much... I wished I just ordered the warm chocolate cake.

Third: Blue Water Spa, another reservation moved from 9pm to 10:15pm.

While waiting for our room to be cleaned we stayed at their Spa Theatre and watched Wanted.
Our room has it's own toilet and bath. What a way to finish the date relax.

Thanks hon for the lovely day. I'm so proud of you, your plan was a success. We will do this again next time. But next time I'll make the plans. :)

I love you so much my soon to be husband.
200 more days to say our I do's. :)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updates updates updates

Days Left: 210 days as of today

As of this day, February 10, 2011, it will be 7 more months before our BIG day... :) We are both excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because we want to see the outcome of our almost 2 years prep and nervous because we want it to be as perfect as it could get.

So moving on with the updates:

1st update:

Almost a month ago I've finished another DIY which is our Invitation. Now I am searching who can make stamps. I was about to go to retiro because when I was in college we had our stamps made there. Then Charles texted me and told me that he thinks he saw someone who makes stamps in front of National in Quezon Ave., So during my break time from work I went there and was glad that the stamp maker was still there. He's the only one who does stamps. I gave him the layout of the stamp that I want and he said it will be Php200 I asked for a discount. He gave it to me for Php180, so i agreed. He asked when I needed it. I asked how long to make he said I can have it by tomorrow morning or if I'm available around 7pm the same day. So the story ends I got the stamp for 180 pesos on the same day I had it made... :)

(our customized stamp for the envelopes)

2nd update:

2 weeks ago Charles and I decided to register at Landmark. Since we've finished our invitation and it is ready for printing as soon as my friend pm me. I want everything to be available once we want it to be sent. So we went to Landmark and the lady who assisted us said it should be at least 6mos before the wedding before we can register. But I insisted since we are there already and we "have" our invites printed already, etc etc etc. She agreed... :) It's just simple. I just signed a form and she explained to me what's the privileged of the registry and the discounts. The we will go back 2 mos before the wedding to look for the items we want all over landmark and manually write it down; how many pcs, exact brand and color. That's it. She gave us 80pcs of card that will be attached to the invitation.

(the landmark bridal registry)

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)