Friday, July 1, 2011

Entourage's Couturier - - - - Check

Days Left: 69 days as of today

Finally after months of searching. I found a gown maker for my girls. I went to Circle C (Congressional Ave.) to talk to a gown maker we saw there. Unfortunately it's not on the same spot anymore, so I thought maybe they just moved. When I was going down the escalator I found this tarp about a certain Gown Maker. So I waited for Charles downstairs. Then we went to the the Gown maker. I showed him/her the gowns for my girls. She gave me a reasonable price. When we went home I PM'd my girls regarding the rate and the gown that they will be wearing. When everyone answered "okay" and some of them are excited asking when will be the measurements. We went back to the designer and gave him the go signal. Now we will have the 1st measurement on July 9 at my house.

For a gown maker here in quezon city he have a fair price, so instead of going to divisoria for a gown maker I chose him because he's near our house so I can easily go at the shop and check for the gowns.

Another supplier down... :)

Budget: Long Gown Php 1,500 - 1,800
Flower Girls Php 850
Comment: He's not that enthusiastic but he will lay you every swatches option you can use.

I Jacinto Gowns & Barong Shop
2nd Floor Section 8 (Near bingo)
Circl C mall congressional Ave. QC
0930-9471181 Look for Sondy

That's it. Till Next Time.

Happy Preps... :)

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